What is the Pegan Diet all about?

9 August, 2019

Peganism, not to be confused with Paganism (the religion) is the latest trend in the diet world. But what exactly is it?

The Pegan Diet is basically a combination between Paleo and Vegan. With all the diets out there it can be hard to keep up and know what is and isn’t actually good for you. Let’s break these two diets down to get a better understanding of this new hybrid diet is that’s apparently ‘the next big thing!’. We know that a Vegan diet typically means no consumption or use of animal products, while a Paleo diet does include lean grass-fed meats and fish as well as fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds while limiting or eliminating dairy, legumes and grains. Join them together and you get the Pegan diet! So why exactly is Peganism becoming so popular?

Turns out, the mashup of the two was created by Dr. Mark Hayman, a New York Times best-selling author who shared his diet creation in one of his popular blog posts. While both diets seem to be at rivalry, the core value within each is the same – the importance and health benefits of eating whole foods and plants. Adopting a Pegan lifestyle starts with eating a variety of whole foods and organic foods and upping your vegetable intake and while this can sound like a costly diet to follow, you’d be surprised at just how well you can eat whole foods and organically, starting with mindfulness and education about this way of eating. Pegan adopts the central core value of the Paleo diet by adhering to its ‘hunt and gather’ nature, removing foods that we’re introduced through mass farming such as rice, legumes and dairy. And the Vegan part of the Pegan diet whilst not adapting to its strict zero meat and dairy consumption, the Pegan diet encourages small portions of organic and grass-fed meats however with that in mind, 75% of the diet should be fresh veggies and fruit. The notion that a mostly plant based diet is good for you doesn’t seem so far-fetched when you hear that it may promote better overall health and vitality – we’ll say yes to that any day!

Whether you’re ready to go on a new full blown diet, or you simply wish to pick these popular diets apart and adapt them to your liking the Pegan way may not be a bad place to start, however always speak to your doctor for professional advice before trying any form of diet.