What the fork do a penguin, a racehorse and a Tim Tam have in common?

19 February, 2021

Everything you wanted to know about Australia’s favourite biscuit

There’s no denying, the Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite biscuit. It’s so beloved, it has its own day.

Just how did this humble little biscuit – two malted biscuits with a gooey chocolate filling wrapped in more melted chocolate – become the delicious snack we all adore (and the one most ex-pats request in their care packages)?

Grab a cuppa, your fave Tim Tam (we’re currently living for the new Murray River Salted Caramel) and settle in as we take a look at the history of the Tim Tam because February 16  was Tim Tam Day!

Penguin vs Tim Tam

Arnott’s (an Aussie institution in itself) opened its first factory in Newcastle NSW in 1865. Since then, it’s created some of Australia’s most iconic biscuits. However, it took almost 100 years for it to hit the biscuit jackpot and launch the Tim Tam in 1964.

In 1958, Arnott’s director of food technology (where can we apply for this job?) Ian Norris travelled to the UK and stumbled across the Penguin biscuit. In true Aussie tradition he said ‘yeah, nahhh’ and knew he could do so much better than the Pommies. 

And so, he did.

What’s the Kentucky Derby got to do with it?

Once the little slice of heaven that is the Tim Tam original was created, all that was needed was a great name.

Ross Arnott, one of the family bigwigs, had attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby and fancied the name of the winner. Can you guess the winning horse’s name? You got it….Tim Tam.

And so that’s how Australia’s favourite biscuit, modelled on an English biscuit, came to be named after a horse that won the US Kentucky Derby.

The Tim Tam was finally released onto the Aussie market in 1964 and, as they say, the rest is history.

Right?! Crazy funny stuff! 

I mean it took us two Tim Tam’s to devour that crazy info.

Okay three. 

Alright, it took us four Tim Tams to make sense of it all.

We eat how many Time Tams every year?

Speaking of eating Tim Tams, according to the Arnott’s website:

Tim Tam Original is Arnott’s most popular biscuit of all time, with 669 million individual Tim Tam biscuits indulged in every year.

All this Tim Tam talk making you hungry? You can buy the entire range of Tim Tams from Woolies.

The Tim Tam Slam

The 80’s gave us INXS, Neighbours and Kylie. It also gave us the Tim Tam Slam. Invented in 1983, the Slam (also known as the Tim Tam Bomb, Tim Tam Shotgun and Tim Tam Suck) is the art of drinking your coffee through a Tim Tam. 

We believe it’s a skill that should be taught in schools. Not sure what the Slam is? There’s a few You Tube videos that’ll show you how.

Four new flavours for 2021

Arnott’s recently announced four new flavours for 2021 (OMG yay!) so that’s the perfect excuse to stock up on some new, and old, favourite flavours from our local Woolies .