What’s new at the Interchange – Granny Wolf & Spicy Joint

17 January, 2020

We are so excited to announce two new food destinations that have opened at Chatswood Interchange! As if we didn’t already have the most amazing and diverse mix of menus within the interchange, we’re welcoming two more awesome restaurants sure to tantalise your tastebuds with menus that will make you go ‘Mmmmm!’

Spicy Joint
Spicy Joint is an popular and totally awesome Sichuan restaurant chain that started in China and has made its way across the shores, and has landed in District Dining. Don’t be fooled by the name though, not all dishes are spicy, but the ones that are will give chilli lovers that ‘Knock- your-socks-off’ kick you crave! Expect authentic Chinese dishes such as their Spicy Sliced Fish in Deep-fried Chilli Sichuan Pepper oil and Stir Fried Tofu with Salty Duck Egg-Yolk. Whether you’re craving traditional Chinese food that tastes just like home, or you’re after a new culinary experience you won’t be disappointed at Spicy Joint!

Granny Wolf
Looking for a delicious lunch on the run? Granny Wolf Street Food have a variety of authentic Chinese BBQ skewers, milk teas and rice bowls. So what’s on the menu? We’re gonna be honest here, some of the menu items sound rather interesting with dishes such as their ‘Cumin chicken gizzard skewers’ and their ‘Marinated Pig Trotters Rice Bowl’ don’t be put off. These epic street foods are still around to this day and have made their way over here for a reason! With traditional cooking methods such as their bulgogi dishes which are made from sliced beef that’s been marinated in soy, sesame oil, garlic, sugar and other ingredients which is then grilled to perfection and often eaten by wrapping the meat in lettuce leaves. YUM! Check these awesome new food destinations at the one and only fabulous Chatswood Interchange!