Where to find the best Iced Coffees To quench your thirst

14 November, 2019

Summer is in the air and we’re loving the sunshine beaming on our faces and the warm air hitting our skin. But there’s one thing we don’t love in Summer, hot coffee. We need that sweet caffeine hit in the morning to be able to function some days but who wants to drink a hot coffee on days like these? Not us. What’s the next best option? Iced coffee for the win.

Baristas know there is a sweet and subtle difference between an iced coffee and an iced latte but if you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, you’re about to be hit with a little caffeine knowledge. And we’re not talking about when you forget about your coffee on the kitchen bench while it goes stone cold before you drink it. Caffe Cherry Bean have a plethora of iced coffee options to keep your caffeine addiction alive in the Summer time. With choices galore, you might feel hard pressed for time to choose one before you burst into work late on a Monday morning.

The ladies and lads at Seam Engine Cafe have a delicious cold brew available for $4.50 – they are known for their unique coffee bean offerings, be it hot or cold hop on board and check them out!

If you’re a coffee addict like us, Cofi House have a Kenyan batch brew on offer that will keep you sipping and satisfied for hours. Soothing you into your meetings with a rich and exotic blend, you won’t be disappointed with the price of $4 a cup.

Iced coffee is also easy to make your self at home if you’ve got a little bit of extra time in between your shower and tying your shoes laces. Grab yourself a packet of Lavazza ground coffee from Woolworths for $7.50 and pop it in your cupboard for you DIY iced coffee on the go. Before your shower, pour some boiling water in with your desired amount of coffee (we recommend 5 tablespoons for a Monday morning, with less each day coming) and let it brew while you go about your morning. Add your ice and milk to your keep cup and you’re on your way. Hot tip, add in a little Hershey’s chocolate syrup for a delicious bonus. Hit the cafes with a bounce in your step this Summer to keep your coffee love strong and alive.