Wild and whacky food combos people love

30 April, 2021

Everyone has a weird food combo they (perhaps secretly) love. Here are our favourite finds

Since 2012, Doctor Who fans the world over have been celebrating the Official Fish Fingers and Custard Day on April 3. According to the BBC You Tube channel:

‘The Doctor, a little peckish after his regeneration, turns to a young Amelia Pond to rustle him up something in the kitchen’

The young Amelia rustled him up some fish fingers and custard.

While we’re not Doctor Who fans, the clip is quite funny, and it got us thinking about wild and whacky food combos people love to eat.

So, grab your fork, spoon and sense of humour as we take a look at some of the more interesting things the interwebs has dished up for us to write about.

Chips and chocolate

We all love a bit of sweet and salty combo, but chocolate covered chips? 

A few years ago, US potato chip company Lays, or Smiths as we know them here in Australia, released a chocolate covered chip. While they’re no longer commercially available (make of that what you will), we found a recipe for Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, for those keen to try this at home.

Quick Cheat Tip: Dip your chips in Nutella.

Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich

The King gave us sultry vocals, sensuous lip curling and sexy hip swivelling. He also gave us the culinary delight now known as the Elvis Sandwich – white bread loaded with peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. 

The most infamous version of this sandwich consisted of a hollowed out loaf of bread stuffed with half a kilo of bacon and a jar each of peanut butter and jelly (jam). It was dubbed the Fool’s Gold Loaf.

He may still be the best selling solo artist of all time but with a diet consisting of items such as the Elvis Sandwich, is it any wonder he died at the tender age of 42 years?

Pizza and Ranch dressing

This is a very American combo seen all over our TV screens. Especially trashy reality TV. Oh and we’re 100% here for trashy reality TV.

According to The New York Times, Steve Henson, a plumber from a tiny village in Nebraska, came up with the Ranch dressing mix around 1950. The dressing was first paired with pizza way back in 1994 when Dominos added chicken wings to its menu. They served Ranch dressing with the wings, but Americans started dunking their pizza into the sauce.

And just like that, it became a thing.

Ice cream and chips/fries

Everyone has that friend, or is that friend, who dips their fries into their McFlurry at Maccas. Or their hot chips into ice cream as you watch your fave trashy reality TV.

Hot chips at a pinch but it’s fries for the win with us!

DIY unusual food combos

You can grab any and all these ingredients from Woolies. Although they, and us, take no responsibility for how you choose to combine said ingredients.

But if you have your own loved but unusual combo, or you invent something super delicious, please let us know and tag our socials!