Wine And Sunshine – choosing your tipple this Spring

25 October, 2019

Wine and sunshine; these are a few of our favourite things. Now the weather is warming up and the wine is being placed on ice, we’re hanging out for some new ideas for an epic Spring drink. Sure, drinking wine in the sunshine on a glorious sunny day sounds legit, but pairing the perfect wine in the sun will make your heart flutter and your face smile.

White Wine
It’s cold, it’s classy and it’s delicious. The classic Sauvignon Blanc sits elegantly in your hand as you sip it in the sun on your back deck. It’s light and easy to slurp with an ice cube or two for maximum chill. Sav B is the perfect all- rounder wine for your group of pals to savour while belly laughing in the sun. A bottle of Koa Sav B will only set you back $7 and it’s an 8/10 on our list.


Bubbly and cold, fizzy and warms your soul. Prosecco is a favourite during friendly gatherings. Placed on ice, this carbonated concoction is pure delight when sipped in sunshine. You think you’ll just be able to have just one glass, but the bubbly goodness draws you in for another. You could just try and old prosecco you pick up at BWS, but Porta Dante has a crisp, light taste that’s of epic proportions.


You could just get any rose, but have you ever tried French rose? Once you go French, your thirst will be quenched. We can’t get enough of Gerard Bertrand from BWS. At only $26 a bottle, grab a couple after work on Friday afternoon for a sun filled weekend with the girls.

Wine Spritzer

Why not spritz it up this Spring with a wine spritzer? Try a glass of sav B, with half a shot of vodka, strawberries and soda water. The coldest, most satisfying refreshment to drink while the sun gloriously beams down.


A little on the sweeter side, Moscato tastes beautiful with a small cheese platter by your side. Promise Land Moscato doesn’t disappoint. At $15 a bottle, you’ll be more inclined to grab a few and call up the gang for a few by the pool.

Whatever your favourite weekend wish is, BWS have you covered with your choice of wine to win over your weekend.