Wine time – Matching your wines to your Xmas meats

20 December, 2019

Christmas lunch and dinner is something special whether your sharing it with family, friends or both… we have some of our most memorable moments this time of year and the food and drinks which are served on this special occasion should leave lovely memorable imprint on our taste buds too! Weather your chosen wine be a nice crisp savvy or a deep soothing merlot, we’ve got a few tips when it comes to pairing certain wines with the Christmas creations you choose to dish up.

When we think seafood, what words come to mind? We think ‘Fresh, light, subtle flavours’ sums up seafood. Usually we eat these oceanic delights during the hotter months *Throw another shrimp on the barbie’ and our beautiful country isn’t short of amazingly fresh, world class seafood selections. When dishes are light, they’re best with white! A
crisp glass of sauvignon blanc or Pino Grigio on a warm summers day, paired with fresh prawns or decadent crab claws is our idea of total heaven.

Red Meat
Red goes best with red. It’s that simple. A deep merlot or cab sav slowly sipped in between mouthfuls of melt-in-your-mouth scotch fillet steak is truly what dreams are made of. The heavier, deeper notes that red wines acquire, blend perfectly with red meat and heavier dishes.

Duck pairs beautifully with a nice Riesling as it compliments its gamey texture and flavour, Turkey & Ziffendal (known as the best thanksgiving wine) are bff’s and when it comes to succulent chicken a delicious chardonnay is always warmly received.

Pork / Ham
In our opinion, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without at least a succulent roast pork dish or glazed & baked Christmas Ham. When it comes to pork, the rule of thumb kind of goes out the window. For lovers of white wines, choose a full bodied white such as a Chardonnay while red wine lovers can enjoy their favourite Pinot Noir or Tempranillo with any pork dish.

Tip : It’s also about the sauce peeps! Red wines will usually go with dishes that have darker sauces while white wines will usually be the opposite, white sauce = white wine
You can find fresh, delicious meats and seafoods at Woolworths, your one stop shop for Christmas Day!