Winter warmers you can knock up in a rush

12 June, 2020

Easy winter dinners for when you’re short on time

This winter season there’s a probability that people will be getting out and about more. With Covid-19 still a risk, we need hearty, nutritious food to help keep our energy and our health at optimal levels. So here’s some ideas for some easy winter dinners that tick all the boxes for convenience, health and deliciousness!

Tray bakes

When you want a yummy meal but you really can’t be bothered cooking, tray bakes are the answer. Simply preheat your oven, throw a few delicious ingredients on the tray, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs and bake. The effort is minimal but the result can be a no-fuss gourmet experience. This is perfect for chicken, salmon or pork meals. Vegetarian? No worries. There are traybakes for you too. Try this halloumi bake or a sumptuous Italian aubergine traybake.

Bonus win? Having the oven on helps to warm your home a bit more!

One pot wonders in your slow or pressure cooker

Oh, the joy of dropping a few items in the slow cooker at the beginning of the day, then walking into the house hours later knowing that dinner is bubbling away, a rich cacophony of juicy meats and vegetables that make your mouth water and your heart sing.

The beauty of this type of cooking is that you can prep for these meals days ahead. Head to Chatswood Interchange over the weekend, purchase fresh items from the grocery or supermarket and assemble the ingredients for your favourite recipes. You can either do a cook- up on the weekend or separate your raw ingredients into meals, store them in a plastic container in the fridge, then tip into the slow cooker on the day of cooking.

For pressure cooking, the same method applies. Prep, tip, cook and eat your glorious meal, with no drama. The other way to set and forget is to casserole, but this doesn’t have to mean a whole day in the kitchen. Some meals cook quickly when they’re placed, covered, in a casserole dish in a hot oven while you relax. Try this Moroccan chicken tagine or this quick beef and vegetable stew.

Super fast soup kitchen

Fresh and delicious winter vegetables are good friends for soup makers in winter and Woolworths has fresh seasonal produce in great supply. Simply assemble your ingredients, add them to the pot, let them bubble, and before long, your dinner will be served. Grab some fresh rolls and a bottle of wine on the way home and the cosy evening scene will be set.

Here’s a quick veggie soup recipe to get you started and nothing says winter comfort like a big bowl of creamy corn chowder. You can also check out Asian City for inspiration and authentic ingredients for Asian style noodle soups. Try this spicy red curry chicken soup or take it to the next level with this Japanese miso glazed eggplant and noodle soup.