5 Incredibly Good Breakfasts Worth Getting Out of Bed For

3 December, 2018

1. Not for the faint-hearted, Locomotion Coffee’s Nutella base French toast with raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, fairy floss and salted caramel popcorn will kickstart your day unlike regular toast ever could.

2. Next time you order your morning caffeine hit, grab yourself The Steam Engine’s life changing banana bread, $4.5, with grass fed butter and pink salt.

3. Also from the legends at The Steam Engine is the Chatty Sunrise: soft egg, avo, leaves, crispy shallots, veagan aioli, nori, wrapped in mountain bread, $8.

4. With a breakfast menu that runs till midday, even late risers can enjoy the unflappable “Barry” bacon and egg roll with tomato relish, $9.50, from Locomotion Coffee.

5. It’s inarguably the breakfast of a generation – smashed avo toast. Cofi House’s version, $11, comes with lemon, feta, mixed cherry tomatoes, aged balsamic, soft herbs and seeds on sourdough. Up the protein by adding poached eggs to the mix for $3.