Are These the Best Breakfasts Chatswood Has to Offer?

3 December, 2018

Sometimes, we’re guilty of not giving enough regard to the first meal of our day. Seeing as breakfast provides our bodies with essential nutrients to keep us going throughout the day, we’ve tracked down the terrific breakfasts in Chatswood. Read on for a combination of familiar favourites, as well as modern (and ultra-decadent) options to feast on.

1. If you’re running late and breakfast on the go is a must, try Master Yang’s made-to-order traditional Chinese pancake with barbecue pork, $8.80. The thin, crispy, crepe-style pancake is made from egg (the ultimate breakfast food!) and coated in black sesame seeds and shallots.

2. For a breakfast that’s a little bit fancy, pop over to Cofi House for the truffled mushrooms on sourdough toast, $12. The dish comprises mixed Asian mushrooms, house-made ricotta, truffle mayo and poached eggs. (If you become a fast fan, you’ll be pleased to know it’s on the all-day menu.)

3. If you wake up so hungry you can’t see straight, get thee to Locomotion Coffee and order their breakfast burrito, $11.50, STAT. It’s a soft wheat tortilla filled with all the good stuff: bacon, egg, spinach, avocado and tomato relish.

4. If you like your breakfast sweet, nay – dessert-esque, devour the French toast, $16.80, at Caffe Cherry Beans. It comes served with mixed berry compote and maple syrup.

5. Also in the vein of dessert is Celsius Dessert Bar’s “strawberry good” Hong Kong bubble waffle, $11.80. The team’s signature crunchy egg waffle comes filled with strawberry gelato and fresh fruit.