5 Ridiculous Food Fads We’re Happy to Report Have Blown Over

14 November, 2018

Few of us are immune to the hottest new food trend. How many of you have succumbed to a chocolate custard cronut? A mind-bending ramen burger? How about a charcoal soft serve? The following eats may have had their heyday, but we’re happy to report they’re moving right along to make way for the next big craze (considering this list includes mushroom lattes, we cannot begin to imagine what that might be).

1. Rainbow bagels

While these outlandish bagels took off and still have America in the palm of their hand, they hardly made the same dent in Australia. The “bagel that broke the internet” actually originated in Brooklyn, at The Bagel Store, and while we applaud their inventiveness and rainbow spirit, we’re ready for the Next Big Thing in bread.

2. Mug cakes

While, we admit, there’s some genius to microwaving chocolate cake batter in a mug (the resulting gooey pudding hot and delicious and ready to devour in minutes), this fad has surely had its time in the sun.

3. Sushi burritos

How these became a thing, we may never know. (OK, perhaps it was the natural next step after sushi donuts hit the scene.) In any case, sushiritos are herculean sushi rolls filled with classic raw tuna or salmon, vegies and the like, that are wrapped and sliced in half just as a regular burrito is.

4. Freak shakes

If overindulgence has a face, it’s the freak shake – half dessert, half milkshake, and the very definition of “much too much”. Commonly served in a mason jar (which are also on the out), these lavish drinks are topped with all manner of naughties, from donuts and brownies, to ice-cream cones and fairy floss.

5. Mushroom lattes

In the realm of superfood lattes ­– turmeric, matcha, you know the drill – mushroom seemed the most absurd, whereby wild mushroom extract forms the basis of a warm health elixir.  Health devotees swear by it, claiming it boosts the immune system and promotes energy, while everyone else has sighed a collective “yeah, nah.”