The 5 Standout Japanese Restaurants in Chatswood

4 December, 2018

Japanese food ticks so many boxes. It’s ultra-fresh, umami-rich, seafood-laden and never dull. Here’s our round-up of where to get your sushi, ramen, hot plate or bento fix.

Pepper Lunch Express

This casual eatery is a DIY affair, with sizzling rice, meat and veg served on metal hot plates, so you can watch on as the food cooks before your eyes. If you’re new to this phenomenon, begin by pressing the mound of rice into the hot plate (a pat of butter enclosed within), mix in the meat until it’s cooked to your liking, then season and add the secret sauces.


This impressive ramen chain has gone on to become global phenomenon, cherished for its original creamy tonkotsu broth, refined over many years, that really can’t be touched. The noodles are the result of dedicated craftsmen and boast a springy, al dente texture and deep flavour. Ramen aside, the à la carte menu stars standout steamed buns filled with karaage chicken, crumbed prawn or braised pork belly.

Makoto Bento

As its name implies, bento boxes reign supreme here, as does sashimi, katsu fillets, rice bowls and udon noodle soups. The store actually lets you make up your own bento box by selecting two sides to accompany salmon sashimi, salad, rice and miso soup. Alternatively, choose from its wider range of set bento – none will disappoint.

Akira Sushi

This sit-down restaurant is home to all your Japanese favourites: okonomi yaki (Japanese pancake with benito flakes), prawn tempura, agedashi soft shell crab, sizzling plates, udon soups and hot pot. If you’re a purist, sashimi and sushi of every variety is prepared to order.

Sushi World

The premise of Sushi World is fast food that’s healthy. Stop by this store for a quick bite of sushi rolls, sashimi or bento boxes. If you’re feeding a crowd, you can also pre-order garden party sushi trays for large functions or get-togethers.