A Cheat-Sheet to the Best Meat-free Asian Dishes

4 December, 2018

Consider this your express route to eating meat-free in Chatswood, where many of the eateries are gloriously Asian. From a surprisingly complex ramen to a veggie tempura bowl, these dishes are where it’s at.

1. Chum Tang’s Yum Mango Pu Nim is a flavour-packed delight of a salad. Expect green mango, soft shell crab, shallot, coriander, peanuts, dried shrimp, and a chilli and lime dressing.

2. The colourful and interactive veg bibimbap, $9.90, at Tori Korean Street Food features steamed rice, assorted vegetables, a fried egg, and that requisite chilli and soybean sauce for drizzling on top.

3. If fast and fresh speak to you, head to Saigon Rolls for one of their Summer Bowls, made of vermicelli, fresh Vietnamese mint, carrot, cucumber, lettuce and homemade dressing. Tofu, $8.50; crispy salad, $7.50.

4. Why miss out on ramen simply because you’re not a pork fan? At Akira Sushi, you can order a Veggie and Tofu Ramen, $11.90 – egg noodle soup with tofu, Japanese mixed vegetables, sweet corn, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and spicy takana.

5. Sure, it’s a simple dish, but it’s no less delicious than complex ones: braised shiitake mushrooms and fried tofu with rice, $14.80, from 1Ton.

6. When isn’t a spicy, fragrant coconut noodle soup appealing? For a seafood-free option, drop your spoon into Master Yang’s vegetable laksa, $11.80.