A Polite Guide for Vegos Visiting Chatswood

16 November, 2018

Once upon a time, options for non-meat eaters were slim. Now, you could hardly say vegos are missing out. Whether you flirt with a veg-only diet (as in meat-free Mondays and such), or you’re a die-hard plant eater, consider this your cheat sheet to the stand-out veg dishes you’ll find in Chatswood. Pass it on to friends who might appreciate the hot tips.

1. Don’t delay in ordering the lunch special vegan kana moo krob, $13, wok-tossed tofu with scud (bird’s eye) chilli and Chinese broccoli, from Chum Tang.

2. Simplicity is everything in this braised shiitake and fried tofu lo-mein (dry noodle), $16.30, from 1Ton. For those who prefer to slurp their supper, you can order the noodle soup version, $15.30.

3. The veggie ramen at Ippudo is perhaps less ordered than its tonkotsu broth counterpart, however it’s a huge hit with vegos and pescatarians. Think vegetable soup, mushroom dashi, pepperoncino oil, whole wheat medium-flat noodles, grilled tomato, fried mushrooms, rocket and sliced red onions, $16.

4. Pepper Lunch Express’ extensive menu includes the veg-friendly tofu and veggie kimchi pepper rice, $13.10.

5. Tuscan Paleo Zucchetti Pesto Salad (gluten free, dairy free, vegan) from Stone & Peel – AKA the home of clean eats.

6. Steam Engine Coffee knows how to put a vego meal together. So much so we couldn’t decide whether to call out their insanely cheesy jaffle of cauliflower, garlic, truffle oil and Mersey Valley cheddar, $8, or their pulled jackfruit: cabbage/carrot slaw and much spice wrap, $10.