Are These the 7 Best Asian Desserts in Chatswood?

24 February, 2019

As you’ve no doubt noticed, Chatswood has quietly emerged as the leading destination for Asian eats. But if you’re someone who eyes the dessert menu long before entrees have arrived: we feel you. Put these seven sugary delights on your bucket list STAT.

1. Banana roti and Thai milk tea ice-cream, $9, Chum Tang

Crisp, golden dessert roti becomes the landing site for a single scoop of Thai tea ice-cream. The whole dish is drenched in maple syrup, if things weren’t sickly sweet already.

2. Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack, $14.90, Passion Tree

This dish might otherwise be nicknamed “matcha overdose”. Atop a stack of three fluffy red-bean sandwiched hotcakes is a flurry of pillowy mochi, matcha ice-cream in a matcha cone, and a syrupy white chocolate and matcha sauce to finish.

3. Tapioca bowl with coconut sorbet, $7, Chum Tang

Thai eatery Chum Tang strikes again with the country’s sweet staple, tapioca with condensed milk, coconut sorbet, shaved coconut and seasonal fruits.

4. Rose-Watermelon Slice, $8, Pishon

Taking its cues from the famed watermelon dessert by Black Star Pastry, Pishon’s delicate cake layering bulbs of airy rose cream and refreshing watermelon is a must-try.

5. Original Hong Kong Bubble Waffle, $5, Celsius Dessert Bar

Egg waffles (also known as egg puffs or bubble waffles) are a beloved street dish in places such as Hong Kong and Macau. The sweet, eggy batter is cooked in a special mould, resulting in a waffle with crispy edges and semi-spherical “eggs” that are ridiculously fun to snap off and devour one by one.

6. Strawberry Bingsoo, $18, Caffe Cherry Beans

Texture is everything in this Korean delight known as bingsoo. Shaved ice is the base for a rainbow of toppings – mochi, strawberries, condensed milk – designed to be mixed and mashed to your heart’s content.

7. Matcha Lavabread, $16.90, Passion Tree

This is what Flavourtown looks like: thick honey toast filled with oozing matcha sauce, alongside matcha ice-cream, red bean, and almond flakes for crunch.

So what do you think? Anything we missed?