Bring These Back to the Office to Instantly Up Your Cred

16 November, 2018

Sometimes it’s supremely cool to do nice things for your colleagues. Now that the bake sale is fading out of existence, remember that people will always need cake. If you’re in the vicinity of Chatswood, why squander the opportunity to eat (nay, share) the exceptional sweets on offer. Here’s our hit list.


Cookies, amirite? At Mrs Fields, you can buy a mixed bag of assorted cookies to feed the hungry masses that are your coworkers. Or handpick your faves from the range. We like the milk chocolate macadamia, $2.99; peanut butter-filled cookie, $2.99; and the foolproof M&M cookie, $2.99.


Bakery chain Bread Top is a candy store for bread. With so many options, it can be hard to whittle down your selection. Might we float the custard bun? It’s a light and creamy sweet bread filled with soft custard and sprinkled with icing sugar, $2.60. If you’re a Portuguese tart aficionado, try the classic egg tart, $1.70 – an oven baked, biscuit-base filled with golden egg custard.


Short of bringing back coffee for your team, pick up a batch of choc-coated donuts from Cofi House. They are a time-tested classic, and no-one’s turning down one of those – no matter who they are.


This place, and it’s a big call, is the Holy Grail of chiffon. Tea Journal has made a name for its ultra-fluffy chiffon cakes baked daily in-house. The airy texture is a result of egg whites, beaten until stiff, being delicately folded into the cake batter prior to baking. Try the black tea and rose cake, which is infused with Yunnan Black Tea and Organic Rose Buds. It’s the store’s bestseller and your colleagues will be ever so grateful for the gesture. At $60 for the 11-inch cake, maybe save it for someone’s birthday.

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Has your desk buddy been particularly helpful this week? Hole-in-the-wall coffee house Locomotion Coffee sources the prettiest gluten-free cakes we’ve eyed, from Sydney bakery Little Secrets Bakehouse. To give you a sampler, there’s a lime, yoghurt and coconut cake that’s tangy as and topped with coconut cream icing and dried flowers. See what we mean? $5.50 per slice.