It’s Time You Conquered the Giant Sesame Sticky Rice Ball

3 December, 2018

Chatswood’s Memory Tongue is a hot pot restaurant that’s beloved for its fried glutinous rice ball that’s far bigger than a human head. It’s essentially a dough ball that expands into a hollow globe when fried in hot oil. You can watch a riveting video of it being made on a Vietnamese street corner here.

Glutinous rice desserts hail from Asia and you’ve likely seen them at places like BreadTop, glistening and golden, sometimes hiding red bean paste within their shell. The giant fried glutinous rice ball, just like you’ll find at Memory Tongue, is typically made with glutinous rice flour, baking powder, sugar, water, vegetable oil and sesame seeds, and the resulting globe of paper-thin, sweet, crispy goodness is a thing to behold (and devour – quickly).

Seeing as it’s all over Instagram, why not try it for yourself? Our advice is to eat it while still hot.

You’ll find the well-documented fried glutinous rice ball (pictured below) at Memory Tongue, $9.50.