6 Surprising Ways to Elevate the Humble Cheese Jaffle

3 December, 2018

The jaffle, often cooked in a sandwich maker that’s older than you are, is an Aussie treasure. We like them so hot they burn the roof of our mouths. We lavishly butter the outsides for maximum browning. In more recent times, we sprinkle a little sea salt over the finished jaffle before serving. We’re not savages, after all. In celebration of the humble cheese toastie, we’ve conjured a few ingredient combos that give a touch more esteem to our favourite midnight snack.


The kimchi surprise

Mozzarella, cheddar and kimchi makes for a deliciously spicy yet creamy jaffle. Because kimchi can be wet, pop the cheese on first and opt for thick-cut sourdough that can withstand a bit of moisture.


The three-cheese

Choose any three of the following cheese: Gruyere, fontina, blue cheese, comte, smoked cheddar, provolone. Season with freshly grated pepper and a spread of Maille Dijon mustard, or any flavoured variation of Dijon. Sprinkle with sea salt. Serve with baby dill pickles.


Mushroom dream

This one involves more steps than your average, but it’s worth the effort. Braise halved button mushrooms in butter, garlic and thyme. To meld the flavours together, layer the mushrooms over white bread, top with cheddar and a few drops of truffle oil. If you don’t have this pricey ingredient on hand, substitute it with a swipe of aioli.


The breakfast jaffle

This breakfast jaffle of champions calls for pre-cooked crispy bacon, egg yolks and grated mozzarella. Generously butter the outsides and nay mind if the egg spills out the sides.


The Spaniard

If ever you wind up with jamón serrano, manchego and tomato relish in your fridge, queue up the bread and preheat the jaffle maker. Dry-cured Spanish ham is considered some of the finest in the world. Pair it with sheep’s milk Manchego cheese and a fruity tomato relish.


Mixed berry patch

The dessert jaffle is an underrated thing. Combine fresh ricotta, chopped strawberries, raspberries and blueberries onto sliced white bread, buttered on the outsides, and toast till golden. Dust with icing sugar to serve. If you’re so inclined, finish with custard or a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.