Stuck on Secret Santa ideas? We’ve got you covered

13 December, 2019

Secret Santa is common around offices but you never seem to draw your friends name. This year you’ve ended up with Dave from HR and you have no idea what to get him. You know nothing about him and you’ve given wine the last 3 years in a row. It’s time to ramp it up and gift something quirky your co-worker will love and talk about for years to come. But what can you get someone you hardly know? Depending on what the office budget is this year for your secret Santa gifts, we’ve got a few ideas in the think tank.

First of all, you’ve got your $20 budget. This can sometimes be a little tricky but it’s time to get your creative cap on. Australia Post have some pretty good finds for a great gift
for your co-worker. One in particular that stands out is the Aussie Trivia Challenge Tinned Game for $19.99. It’s fun and quirky and a game that you can even play in the office on a Friday afternoon. The first player to complete their boxing kangaroo image wins, find out who the know it all is! Watch out for steal cards, someone might pinch a bit of your roo!

If you know you’ve got a coffee lover to buy a gift for, a keep cup is a great present to give. You’re minimising waste and saving the environment, all while giving a present that you know will be truly loved. You can find them at The Steam Engine with double wall stainless steel in either 4oz or 6oz sizing.

Grab one for yourself while you’re at it. If your office has set a little bit of a higher budget of $30, we’ve got the perfect gift idea! A Jamie Oliver Veg Easy and Delicious Meals. It’s on special at Woolworths at the moment for only $28. A quick and simple guide for flavour packed and accessible veggie dishes. You can even spend the extra $2 on a scratchy to pop in the front page for a little added bonus.

Australia Post have a crystal salt lamp available for $30 if you want to add a calming glow to your co-workers desk. Made from genuine Himalayan salt crystal, the lamp naturally resists the growth of mould and bacteria while also creating an attractive, refreshing ambiance. It’s not just to sit there and look pretty, it has a genuine purpose. Maybe your office has put a $50 budget on your secret Santa this year. A collapsable tabletop cooler can be the best present your colleague never knew they needed. If they love to go on long drives or just head down to the beach with the fam for a few hours, this gift is essential. When expanded, it can hold up to 50 cans. A perfect bring along for Australia Day or New Years Eve festivities coming up. Space saving when flat packed and durable for all of your drinks and cold snacks to bring wherever you go. Grab one at
Australia Post while you’re delivering your annual Christmas cards. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered. Either order online or pop in store on your lunch break, it’s super easy to find the perfect secret Santa gift.