3 Reasons Every Birthday Party Needs a Poo Emoji Cake

16 November, 2018

In this age of the “crap jokes toilet roll” and the famed BS button, why on earth would we stop there? The Bread Top Mr Poo Cake exemplifies the times and our obsession with emoji.

The first iteration of the poop emoji was launched by Google 10 years ago, as an emoticon for Gmail. It was later approved as part of Unicode 6.0’s emoji list in 2010. The emoji, pile of poo, is actually inspired by Dr. Slump, a Japanese animation character from the ’80s.

The hashtag #poopemojicake has 785 posts on Instagram and the key takeaway here is that people have A LOT of time on their hands. Jibes aside, it’s a fun cake for young and old. In fact, here’s why every birthday party would be remiss without its own poop emoji cake.

1. For the lolz, obvs

Emojipedia, founded by Australian Jeremy Burge, describes the poop emoji, technically named Pile of Poo, as “A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in colour with a friendly smile in most versions of this emoji.” To celebrate any occasion with a 3D edible version of this will result in sure-fire hilarity.

2. It’s photogenic (for poop)

To the surprise of noone, the poop cake is an Insta celeb. Witness some of the most impressive versions here, here and here (sporting a suss expression and Santa hat, of all things). If you’re baking one of these yourself, to sidestep a bit of the labour involved in making a 3D poop, instead bake a regular cake and top with a mini poop element.

3. It’s a real conversation starter

“So, what’s with the poop cake?”, “Omigoodness, look at that!” and “Shall we have a slice of poop?” are all very acceptable ways to kick off a conversation with a stranger who – just like you – is moments from digging into a cake inspired by a turd emoji. Way to bond.

Mr Poo Cake, $92 (serves 12-15), from Bread Top.