Quiz: Which Dessert Are You?

29 March, 2019

Ever wondered what form you might take were you a dessert? Wonder no more! Collate your answers and see below for the answer.

Pick a chocolate dessert

a) Chocolate tart
b) Molten lava cake
c) Chocolate ice-cream sandwich
d) No chocolate for me, thanks

Your biscuit fave is…

a) Shortbread
b) Biscotti
c) Tiramisu
d) Fortune cookie

Your ice-cream flavour is hands-down…

a) Cheese
b) Matcha
c) Taro
d) Vanilla

You preferred drink to accompany dessert is…

a) Bubble milk tea
b) Green tea
c) Milkshake
d) Latte

As for donuts, you’re all about the…

a) Classic glazed
b) Jam-filled donut
c) Donut sundae
d) Cinnamon

What do you eat for breakfast?

a) Ham and cheese croissant
b) French toast
c) Fruit-topped smoothie bowl
d) Cereal will do

Your birthday cake is most often a…

a) Cheesecake
b) Pandan chiffon cake
c) Ice-cream cake
d) Classic Victoria sponge


Mostly As: Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, $3.90 each, Pafu x Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts
Mostly Bs: Matcha Lavabread, $16.90, Passion Tree
Mostly Cs: Strawberry Bingsoo, $18, Caffe Cherry Bean
Mostly Ds: Hong Kong bubble waffle, $5, Celsius Dessert Bar