OK, Which of These is King: Ramen or Pho?

4 December, 2018

If you like your foods complex, rich and flavour-packed, we’re gonna take a punt that you’re a ramen person. On the other hand, if you like clean, simpler flavours and value freshness in your meals above all else, may we presume you’re all for pho?

It’s more than the broth that differs between them (ramen is pork based, pho is beef). The toppings vary from rich to light – ramen calls for unctuous chasu pork, soft-boiled egg, and pickled veg, while pho is all coriander, lemon, chilli, bean sprouts, Vietnamese basil or mint. The method in which it’s cooked also divides the two: ramen is boiled, pho simmers.

Debates arguing the better dish are mostly redundant, for it’s a matter of taste. That said, thanks to Google, we are able to compare search trends for the words “ramen” and “pho” to see what’s going on in our ever-changing culinary interests.

Comparing search trends for “pho” and “ramen” from 2004 to the present, the figures for Sydney place the two soups neck for neck at 50% each. So in our harbour-front city at least, both are king. Where does your alliance fall?

Visit Saigon Rolls for beef or chicken pho, $9.90. And for a selection of ramen, from $16, head to Ippudo Chatswood, or Akira Sushi, from $11.90.