6 Food Podcasts We Can’t Get Enough Of

5 December, 2018

Want to deepen your food history, cooking prowess and appreciation for the world’s cuisines? These six podcasts are entertaining, eye-opening, and the preferred way for food nuts to pass their commute away. We breakdown what to expect from these top podcasts, and call out a good entry episode if you’re starting from scratch. Dig in!


  1. Burnt Toast

In Food52’s podcast, host Michael Harlan Turkell talks to the people making, eating and closely involved with food – all in under 30 minutes. Episodes from the latest season (3) include: Tapping Into the World of Maple; Why is There No Pie Emoji?; and The KitKat Jingle That Almost Wasn’t. (We recommend Ep 62 – The Kyle MacLachlan episode.)


  1. Radio Cherry Bombe

Hosted and produced by Kerry Diamond, Cherry Bombe is a female-led indie magazine, conference and podcast celebrating women and food. Each week, the podcast features a lively conversation with bakers, pastry chefs, stylists, writers, cookbook authors and more. (We recommend Ep 104 – Melissa Clark.)


  1. BBC The Food Programme

The tagline for this show is “investigating every aspect of the food we eat”, and the BBC Radio 4 presenters certainly do a thorough job of achieving this. (We recommend the Japanese Whisky: a Beginner’s Guide and The Meat-Free Meat Movement episodes.)


  1. Bon Appetit Foodcast

A new episode airs every Wednesday, covering the US restaurant scene, the world’s best chefs, cooking techniques to make your food better, and a behind-the-scenes look at how Bon Appetit’s writers and editors do their best work. (We recommend Ep 165 – the Jeff Goldblum episode.)


  1. Gravy

Gravy shares stories of the changing American South through food. The podcast brings us up close and personal with an ever-evolving food culture that involves new immigrants and traditions, as well as the devout maintenance of old recipes. New episodes are released every fortnight. (We recommend the A Tale of Two Tennessee Krauts episode.)


  1. Ingredipedia

This Australian made podcast declares itself a “factual food fight”, where each ep critiques one ingredient and the two hosts, writers Emily Naismith and Ben Birchall, posit three facts about said food. The audience is invited to vote for the host they believe present the most intriguing tidbits. (We recommend the Processed Cheese episode.)